Torture Time – Little Toy Mouth. Starring Eva De Vil and Princess Pandora [Hand Worship]

Torture Time – Little Toy Mouth. Starring Eva De Vil and Princess Pandora [Hand Worship]




Fluffy has suddenly comes to, to find himself in an unfamiliar house and he realizes that he is unable to move in the slightest as he realizes that his body is tightly wrapped in a chain. He begins to struggle, but he is not going anywhere.

Suddenly, Eva De Vil & Pandora begin creeping up on the unsuspecting victim, where they immediately begin teasing him with freshly manicured stiletto nails as they tease them across his face. Fluffy begins to worship Eva and Pandora’s hands by licking the palms of each of their hands, followed by licking and sucking each finger one by one.

Now that they warmed their victim up, now its time for Eva and Pandora to have some fun at the expense of their chained up victim. They begin fucking the back of Fluffy’s throat starting with just one finger, gradually adding more and more fingers until both of their hands are nearly in his mouth. The sound of Fluffy’s gags and the site of Fluffy’s eyes begin to tear up, just make the girls want to sink their nails harder and deeper down Fluffy’s throat as they continue finger fucking his throat.

For now, Eva and Pandora have grown tired of their little toy mouth. They give their victim a split second of hope, thinking he’s going to be freed. That hope is then shattered when they decide to leave him chained up, so they can play with his toy mouth some more later.

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